How to earn money from YouTube

YouTube is the best platform to earn money online with no investment or without any charges or for free via blogging vlog videos or creating your daily interesting life video what ever you does in your routine but it must be interesting or user must be attached to come again and again to watch your videos the more views you get more your earning is all its depends on your quality content of video also depends on country location from where your video has been watched from ike United state France Netherlands Germany Denmark mostly Asian country does not earn much from its views actually from views we don’t earn we earn from advertisers or sponsors advertisers of our videos you just need to create attractive channel with unique content videos which most of popular video vlogers like chesey niestat pewdepie movlogs does there are center Indian or Asian channel also now a days doing good and they earning from sponsors or advertising on there videos but it does not earn more like top paying country which is mentioned above. As of now YouTube is also strict or dont allowing new channels to make any copy right content or videos so don’t ever create others videos and edit it just do create your any video like gaming daily life or animal lifestyle videos which may be interested to users who may be interested in your videos other fack of making good quality videos daily is that you need to edit your video by your own with video editors which cost some money but if you are serious of YouTube and really need to do good carrier on it via creating videos then only buy it or for start you can use free tools or software’s too which is available on internet for free.

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